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Helping Students of All Ages Make Sense of Technology
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I’m Andy Brovey and The Portable Prof™ is my professional brand. Several years ago, I resigned from a tenured faculty position. No kidding. A few of my university colleagues are still trying to figure that one out. To answer your next question… I chose to leave. I wanted to pursue my passion for helping others make sense and make use of digital tools, beyond the formal courses and fuss of the typical faculty position.

I’m now a freelance professor of technology, helping students of all ages use and enjoy technology. I offer lively learning, engaging presentations, professional development and personal support to educators, trainers, entrepreneurs and other adult learners. On site and online. This website, my Twitter Feed and my affiliation with Dan’s Tutorials are all part of that effort. I’ve led sessions in classrooms and virtual spaces, courses and workshops, conferences and conference rooms. I’ve spent thousands of hours teaching educators at all levels, from kindergarten to university. I owe them all a debt of thanks. They helped sharpen my teaching skills while I improved their technology skills.

In 2007, I was honored to be named an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). ADEs are a global community of education leaders recognized for doing great work with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. The Portable Prof brand originated in an exercise at an ADE Summer Institute on defining our professional roles.

I hope as we get together online we can follow this simple principle:
We should share what we know with humility and what we believe with civility.

All the best!

Andrew J. Brovey, Ed.D.

Full disclosure: My wife and I own a few dozen shares of Apple stock. I hope one day the profit equals what I’ve spent on Apple technology during my career. That will take a while.