iPad Academy

iPad Academy


Learn about using the iPad, apps and accessories, led by a teacher who’s been helping others to make sense and make use of technology for more than 25 years. Apple’s tablet offers a powerful combination of form, function and flexibility. iPad Academy will help you transform the potential of the iPad into a practical and purposeful tool. I invite you to read the articles, preview video lessons, or contact me to arrange a hands-on session.

You’ll find tutorials, tips, and how to articles on the iPad Academy website. You’ll discover productive apps, practical applications and useful accessories. iPad Academy is for anyone who wants to improve their iPad knowledge and skills. As you learn, I hope you’ll also find ways to share that knowledge and skill with others.

Inside iPad Academy you’ll find:

  • iPad tips, techniques and tutorials
  • how-to articles on the iPad
  • a search form to look for topics of interest
  • knowledge to improve your iPad IQ
  • links to valuable iPad sites and resources
  • conversations on iPad topics and tools
  • information on iPad apps and accessories
  • products to make your iPad more functional and more fun

Starting and running iPad Academy in 2010 and watching the audience grow has been very rewarding. More than 50,000 iPad owners visit the website every month. That popularity has attracted imitators, some with good intentions and others seeking to copy us for profit. This is the original iPad Academy, working to help you make the most of your iPad and Apple technology, in person and online.

Dr. Andrew J. Brovey
The Portable Prof™
Founder & Director
iPad Academy