NEW 2013 Edition!

Want to improve your iPad IQ?

- Ready to get beyond the basics?

- Eager to become an iPad power-user?

Then iPad Academy: Tips, Tricks & Clever Techniques is for you!

A Glimpse of What's Inside
  • Get free beginner’s books and videos
  • Generate screenshots to show and save
  • Learn much more about zooming
  • Share what you see and hear on a TV or projector
  • Find the hidden media control bar
  • Connect more than cameras via USB
  • Process your mail faster
  • Save battery power
  • Boost your Safari browser skills
  • Make iBooks behave better
  • Create web clips that have real meaning
  • Access vocabulary tools while typing or reading
  • Discover hidden keys on your keyboard
  • Save time using Spotlight search

Learn how to supercharge your settings, customize choices and polish your navigation skills. Easy-to-follow instructions, full-color screenshots, simple shortcuts and dozens of tips will save you time and add to your enjoyment of the iPad. This clever guide will help you master the Apple iPad.

Written by an Apple Distinguished Educator with 25 years experience helping others to make sense and make use of technology.